The Untwinked Level 99 Progress Thread, Revenge of the 99ers


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@Pb_pal Great progress on your barb! Makes me think I need to start a back-up character instead of spending all my time zapping Nilly. Any news on Klaus? I need another 98 HC to help push me along!
The only update I can give on Klaus is that he is still alive. :p XP comes slowly to fire druids in the first place, and I've got Stevesy and my TWD tournament characters going too so I'm afraid I won't be much competition in a race. I wanted to hit the next landmark (97.75) before the RFL, but it's not looking likely.

Back-up characters are nice, both for the mental comfort of just having another character, but also to be able to switch things up so your current one doesn't get stale. I always get myself into trouble in HC if I'm playing the character more as "work", rather than as a desire to play that particular character, so having some other stuff to do once the tedium kicks in helps to keep it fresh - and safe.


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Soooooo....last night for some reason I decided to ignore my Cardinal Rule of Hardcore (“What’s the hurry?”) in attempting to nudge Gordon Chen closer to 94. The result?

The Gloams were Extra Strong, Lightning Enchanted, and Cold Enchanted based on the boss I hovered over afterward (and there are more off screen, based on the number of lightning streaks that assailed me simultaneously). It was basically two quick streams of lightning from the whole lot, and it was over before I could pop a Full Rejuv. My resists were 75/57/75/30 and my life bulb was at 1626, which is why I’m kind of mystified that this happened so quickly. Sigh….well, I still have my Fanatic Zealot Dirk Struan at 85.

I also wanted to pose a question to you all. I believe I’ve mentioned before that when I started back up again a couple of years ago, it was with an untwinked Whirly Barb that I used as my initial LK runner (where my complaining about my brutal LK luck began). I never actually posted Toranaga in this thread because I didn’t think he qualified as I hadn’t mentioned him until the point he is currently parked at (and been so for quite awhile, at lvl 87). I’m positive that he’s still untwinked (armed with his trusty upped Ribcracker and little else), so my question is: does he qualify? If he does not then no harm done, and I won’t put him on the list. If he does, then I’ll write up a brief blurb with some major milestones (going from memory but that’s fine, because there aren’t many anyway). What do you all think?


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Condolences on the deeds :(

As for your bar, as long as he is fully untwinked he qualifies. We've had a couple characters join much later than him (two of them at 97 I think), so add him in there!


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@sanguillen NOOOOOOOOO! Every time I get even a little comfortable or confident about my survivability I see another deeds post and get all worked up again.

As for adding your barb to the list, I haven't been around long enough to call those shots but I will say that I didn't even join the forums let alone the tournament until I was half way through 97, so you shouldn't feel bad about joining later!


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Devi has a decent update. I plan to use her for RFL so I started testing with cows. She couldn’t handle p3 due to merc constantly dying. I may have been underutilizing mind blast, but it also wasn’t very efficient to constantly spam it. I saw three options ahead of me:
  1. Resign to playing on players one (so inefficient)
  2. Do LK runs in hopes of Ohm for cta (recently built 2800 so nah)
  3. Come up with a strategy to keep the mercenary alive. Ideas: delirium, fortitude (have Lo butno ebug base), more damage by getting eth elite base for insight, life top wand
  4. Respec her to a kicker somehow
Being indecisive, I ran pindle for a level and took devi to eighty eight! Then I decided to sorta do 2 and 3 by farming for an LK map where I was super close to a rack that drops elite polearms or elite armors. I figured when exploring these maps I would pop all my super chests, racks, and random poppables that are near me and hope for some decent stuff. Within 3-4 hours of farming for a map, I found one that was a campfire about 10 teleports from WP but it was 90% consistent with a great hauberk or balrog skin. After an hour or two, I got it to drop a no-socket non-superior ethereal balrog skin. Mediocre base defense roll, but I don’t mind :)

Happy it’s over 3k! And 30 all res :)

With the fort, I can do p3 so that’s a huge relief. Gonna do some test runs and try to get better at herding those cows. He has over 4K max damage with Might aura and the fort with his non eth thresher insight. Can’t wait for an eth elite base.

Other finds this week from pindle, running those random LK maps, running the decent one at the end, and even from my single cow run on p3:

Should I upgrade this twice? :p




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Lucky Devi ! ;)

I'm starting another wave of LK running with IpBanPrevales this afternoon (guess i would be more efficient with my Sorc, but untwinked drops open the possibilities for IpBanPrevales to make something), probably will make up to 250/300 more runs if i'm efficient enough.

Still searching for that Ber for Infinity - still need an eth base, Tresher would be perfect but i'd take any elite other than Colossus Voulge, too much strength req, or Lo/Ohm for twinked chars. A Jah would be nice too to complete Enigma on either twinked or untwinked - already got the dusk shroud bases on each, would prefer an archon plate on twinked, but it will not happen doing those runs.

Enough talk, time to run !


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Lucky Devi ! ;)
I though 3-4 hours for any elite armor OR elite polearm rack was long.

@sir_cyclops That rare sword is cool. And Fortitude is a big improvement for Merc survival, good progress!
That sword is so awesome ! Definitely upgrade it twice. Some runewords will still be better ... but not nearly as cool.
Thanks guys! I will do it and post it here. Wasn’t sure how close the ED was to perfect. What’s the max ed a rare can get?
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