[Build] The Phoenix Sorc


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Bold Impressive Attention Grabber: 1-Hit Kills with this impressive Phoenix Sorceress build!

Price Rate:
$$$/$$$ Very Expensive Runewords and 1 Rare Helm

Runes Required: 4×Vex, 2×Lo, 2×Jah, 1×Dol, 1×Um, 1×Ber, 1×Ist

Phoenix Runeword + Fire Mastery + Enchant

Intro: You guys know how I like to create my builds with the poor man in view right? Well I'm sorry to say that this build contains so many expensive runes in the Main Gear that it'd be a waste of time to talk about supporting a low budget on this one so I apologize.
Alright, so basically I wanted to create a build that made the Phoenix Runeword relevant because I thought how fun would it be if everyone you hit something fire spewed out of your sword and devoured all of the enemies in front of you and not just the one you're attacking?! That'd be killer right?! Let's talk about it.

1. Rich Option:
Tiara - +3 Fire Skills, +3 Sockets (FD Facet ×3)
2. Mid Option: Harlequin Crest Shako - Socket (FD Facet)
3. Poor Option: ): Sorry guys...

1. Rich Option:
Chains of Honor Runeword (Dol+ Um + Ber + Ist) - I made mine out of an ebugged Sacred Armor for overkill but an Archon plate will save you money on Str distribution.
2. Mid Option: Vipermagi Upped and Socketed with FDFacet
3. Poor Option:

1. Rich Option:
Phoenix Runeword (Vex + Vex + Lo + Jah)
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

1. Rich Option:
Phoenix Runeword ( Vex + Vex + Lo + Jah)
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

1. Rich Option:
Magefist or Crafted Blood
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

1. Rich Option:
Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash - 1Skill, Slow Target,
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

1. Rich Option:
Infernalstrides - bonus fire damage and resistances
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

Ring #1:
1. Rich Option:
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

Ring #2:
1. Rich Option:
Ravenfrost or BK ×2
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

1. Rich Option:
+3 Fire Skills, 10% FCR or Maras
2. Mid Option: =
3. Poor Option:

Grand Charms:
Fire Lifers
Large Charms: Torch
Small Charms: Anni, 20/5ar

Enough to wear Gear (Spirit Monarch 146)
Dexterity: Enough to wear Gear (Phase Blade 136)
Vitality: Rest Here
Energy: Why is this a thing?

These statistics reflect Hell Level (Excluding Scroll of Resistances +15)
Fire: 95
Cold: 75
Lightning: 80
Poison: 75

1 obviously
Fire Mastery - 20
Warmth - 20
Enchant - 20
Static Field - 1
Teleport - 1
Shiver Armor - 20
Chilling Armor - 20
Frozen Armor - Rest Here

Type: Defensive or Might
Weapon: Infinity for Enemy Res Reduction
Helm: Andariels + Ral or 15/40
Armor: Ebugged Fort

28k - 56k per second

Damage Notes:
There's really not much to say. You have a 105% Chance to cast Firestorm at either level 10 or 22. Enchant is at a beefy level 45. After BC and Skill Shrine the build reflects 28k damage. However since the build focuses on skill damage you'll find that your FPS/DPS is quite low. I believe 2 hits are accomplished between approx. 32 frames so roughly 1.5 hits per second. 56k Damage every 1.5 seconds.

Putting It Into Action:
Okay so I like to test my builds in Frigid Highlands against a diversity of mobs. Both Eldritch and Shenk died with one hit as well as all mobs surrounding them. I don't believe you'll have much trouble out of anything in a solo game. Redemption at level 30 heals you fast enough that she is not reliant on Health Pots. Overall she's versatile, easy to use and pretty fun as a melee sorceress.

Update: I tested the build in a game of 8 players and had the same results as solo. Eldritch died one hit and Shenk in 2-3 hits.

P.S. Typos Possibly Included. Fight Me.
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Similar to your other thread, the affixes on this Tiara can't spawn together because they are both magic only prefixes on circlets:

Volcanic [+3 to Fire Skills (Sorceress only)]
And either Artisan's [sockets (3)] or Jeweler's [sockets (4)]