Solo Sorc Skills Progression Help?


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Hey all, I've been leveling a Sorceress in Single Player and was wondering what's the most efficient skill setup as I level? I just hit Normal A5 and I'm at level 25, and its pretty rough. The way I always thought, it was go Charged Bolt until level 13, then respec to 7 Static, 1 Frost Nova, 1 Teleport, and the rest into Lightning Nova, maybe sparing a point or two into Frost Armor and Warmth. As far as gear, i've got a 2os small shield with 2 P Diamonds (farmed gem shrines for hours XD), a cap with two Tir runes, a Stealth in a hard leather armor, two 10 FCR rings and a 10 FCR wand, and that's basically it. Oh I also have a broadsword for a Spirit once I get the runes.

I'm pretty sure I can go through the rest of Normal with Nova, but I'm just wondering what's the best way to do skills once I start going through Nightmare and Hell. Thanks!

P.S. I've pretty much just been watching people do Hell speedruns and trying to copy that. Not sure if its effective yet.
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Level 25 is a bit early for act5, at this stage i would use /players8 command and run the tombs in act 2 and maybe some areas in act4 untill i reach level 30 and change her to frozen orb/fireball&meteor (don't forget 1 point is static, tele, etc)


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I usually just pump whatever my main skill will be, or if that's not available, pump synergies. Also, a broadsword from normal can't get 4 sockets, I don't think.

Your gear sounds good. I'd kill Eldrich The Rectifier until you hit level 30, and then you have all the skills available, should be smooth sailing from there.


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I think ilvl 25+ broadswords can get 4 sockets from the quest, and merchants from norm act 3 sell at ilvl 28 i think? not sure if they can sell a white broadsword though.
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Apologies! I fixed it <3

Also, I ended up just grabbing a Crystal Sword from Normal Cows. That makes a 4os from socket quest.
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if this is your very first character please just play the game and enjoy the things you encounter :) hell based speedruns is a totally different ball game if you catch my drift. I second the choice for meteorb (meteor, frozen orb fireball) it is the same as my current level 93 sorc and i can kill any character in the game on both /players 1 as /players 8.

Do roam around the stickies, explore the arreat summit (google :)) explore the stickies for builds, explore gambling, crafting and shopping.

For now i would hit the tombs in act 2 (on /p8 if you can handle it otherwise put it lower).

Save your last respec (hell act 1 until you have explored the game and found what you like to play) :)


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I always start out maining Fireball, because it's easy to shop a +2 or +3 2os Fireball staff, insert Tir+Ral found from Countess or elsewhere to make Leaf, and have a pretty strong Fireball main until I get to L30. At that point (having saved 2 additional points and also gotten prereqs for FOrb) at L30 I will spend 3 points to get FOrb + CMast + FMast. Getting the 1 point in FMast gives a nice boost to Fireball along with the Leaf staff, and then I just max out FOrb, pretty quickly switching to main FOrb and have FBall as secondary.
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