1. W

    Poison(noDWeb) vs Fishy necro for SP area MF?

    Necromancer is my favorite character and I've managed to gear one out reasonably well for some area magic finding. I am debating whether to run him as a Fishymancer (summons) or a Poison necro. I'm playing single player and my primary focus is high-end uniques, but I am also interested in...
  2. H

    Can small charms be re-rolled into a skiller charm?

    I just killed Baal on Hell mode, and he gave me a small charm. I want to re-roll it, but is there a chance that it will give me a 1 level skills to my Necromancer? So far i've only seen grand charms do that, can a small one do that too? That's literally the only thing i need. I don't want to...
  3. H

    Why is my Necromancer so easily killed?

    I am currently on Hell mode, end of 2nd Act. My Necromancer is on level 73. I am using bone spear as my main weapon. My bone spear damage is 1457-1548. The bone spear is maxed plus i have 3 more levels added by my gears. The bone prison is maxed, Teeth are maxed, and bone spirit is almost maxed...
  4. Holyknight3000

    Diablo Immortal #8-10 Monk, Necromancer & Wizard

    deviantART - twitter - deviantART - twitter - deviantART - twitter - ____________________________________________________________________________________ Figure I'd release the remainder of my current Diablo: Immortal wallpapers here for everyone...
  5. Luhkoh

    Patriarch Mazrim – Bone Necromancer

    Couldn’t resist making a new necro so soon after my reset, as I really wanted to get some CE going in cows and pits for RFL. And this guy turned out to be a blast! He was any playersetting and untwinked + small stash until patmat. I’m working toward an “untwinked till patmat” sept for my...
  6. T

    Poor man's pit/cows poison nova necro

    I'm working on a poor-man's pit/cows pnova necro who's main goal is farming runes and socketables (and EXP). I do not have an Enigma yet, and i do not have a Death's Web yet. So compared to the beasts in the Hall of Records and the RFO's, this build is going to be sad. That said, I do enjoy...
  7. P

    Poison Dagger and Poison Gem/Rune

    I picked DII back up after like 3 years of not playing it. I wanted to make a Necro who uses Skeles and Poison Dagger. I have a dagger with two sockets in it, and I was thinking to put two poison gems or maybe even two poison runes in it....does that apply when using the Poison Dagger spell, or...
  8. veryblackraven

    O GG Necro diadem (+2 skills, 20FCR, etc.) N offer

    Great Necro diadem for trade: +2 to Necromancer skill levels +20% Faster Cast Rate + 171% Enhanced Defense (165 total def.) + 8 to Energy All Resistances +18 21% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Would like to here some offers.
  9. W

    PvM Skelemancer act 1 diablo problems

    Hi so I'm trying out the Fishymancer and my skeles aren't surviving Act 1 diablo's aoe. I'm playing singleplayer no mods. I'm level 26, 13 RS, 9 skelemastery, 2 clay golem, 3 golem mastery, 2 rsm, 1 teeth 1 CE, 2 amp, 1 decrep. I have a defiance act 2 merc. Is there something that I'm...
  10. Mrishimaru

    10PGs for AoKL

    Looking to trade 10 perfect gems for an Arm of King Leoric. Interested?
  11. C

    Iron Golum Question

    Hi, I was reading about iron Golum and thought of something tyat I have not seen before, and was wondering if it would work. The sorceress skill Enchant says it effects the weapon. My question is could you have a sorceress enchant your weapon before you make it into an Iron Golum and therefore...
  12. Rushster

    Welcome to the Diablo 3 Necromancer forum

    We have moved the forum order around a little and also now added this new Necromancer forum for Diablo 3. Feel free to post builds, tips, guides etc as well as general Necro chit-chat.
  13. Rushster

    Necromancer Beta starting soon! Who is going to jump on this? Are you going to wait or try and get on the test?